Welcome to Raspberry Doors.

Raspberry Doors is led by Creative Director Anita Bocquee, and is the culmination of combining a passion for creating beautiful interiors, a love for property and extensive financial and project management experience.

I strongly believe that good interior design should add value well above the design fee, and the key is designing with strategic intent, be that increasing equity in your home or increasing rental on your investment property.

My mission is to make the process of designing homes with creative impact, livability and functionality, that reflect your individual style, enjoyable for busy hardworking professionals who don’t have the time or expertise to design or manage the project.

With my build and renovation experience and my design expertise, I will ensure that we develop a master plan where everything is included in the detailed design, and is ready to be included in the construction, at the right time and for the right budget.

My speciality is renovating and designing investment properties for short term holiday rental. Our holiday rental, Zen in West End, was the winner of Instant Hotel on Netflix!

I’m excited for you to get behind the Raspberry Door and explore how we can work together.

Anita Bocquee







Work With Me

Raspberry Doors specialises in designing unique holiday homes to increase your rental return. I LOVE colour and pattern and creating joyous spaces with visual impact. I provide;


This includes space planning, selection of fixtures andfittings, documentation of interior schedules for builders, selection of furnishings, installation of furnishings and styling.


E-design is my on-line decorating services makes my style accessible to everyone. If you want to do it yourself, fully armed with a detailed design plan that guarantees your success, this service is for you.


This will assist you with design advice on a specific space or issue.

If you’ve looked at my portfolio and social media and would like to explore how I can assist you with your interior design goals, click below.

What People Have To Say.

From the very beginning it was obvious that Anita had a creative style and flair and was not afraid to use colour palettes we could never have dreamed of. Our brief was complicated, but Anita helped us visualise our design and pulled together intricate details to make it all work and deliver exactly what we were after. The actual renovation process was simplified due to Anita’s multi-faceted skill set, not to mention her unwavering support thorough out our journey. To enable us to manage our deadlines Anita created very handy project schedules and checklists. These were used regularly to help both us and the trades to ensure we were consistently following the design Anita had created. At the completion of the renovation Anita provided furnishing and styling services, this tied everything together beautifully. We are so very happy with the end result. An incredibly beautiful design with functionality.

Tamara Large, Owner of Lovestone Cottages Montville

Anita blew my mind with her creative talent! The entire process was so efficient because I was able to send her images in advance which meant she had mapped out the styling adjustments prior to even stepping inside my house. She had a clear plan for what we needed to achieve (in a practical sense) but once she was finished she had transformed our home from 'typical' to 'stylish'. For sale purposes she really helped our home reach it's full potential. It's very costly to fully stage and style a home so the Power Style based on our own furniture, was amazing value – I highly recommend it but the photos speak for themselves!

Sarah Watson,

We engaged Anita to assist with planning and designing our new home. Having no prior experience, Anita's knowledge and expertise in renovating and designing homes was invaluable to us. Anita helped us with the overall design, picked fixtures, fittings, and colour schemes to name a few of her vast repertoire of services. She is very organised, planned out every step, and communicated effectively and openly from start to finish. Her attention to detail and ability to listen and understand our requirements made the design experience seamless and much less stressful. We'd highly recommend Anita!

Sally & Claude,

A big thank you for doing such a fantastic job of styling our houses, they looked amazing and we were tempted to move in ourselves! The rental campaign generated a lot of interest with our houses receiving double the average number of enquiries and we have multiple applicants. Your beautiful styling and photography transformed an empty house into an inviting home. We have had many comments on how amazing the photos look and have received high praise from experienced professionals in the property industry. Thanks again and we are already recommending your services.

Sam Layne,

Thank you so much for reviewing our renovation plans for us. The whole floor plan works so much better now, as well as giving more flexibility, and a dual living option! The whole space is light filled, spacious and so usable, thank you!

Melissa Voss,

Thank you so much for your time, you are such a personable person with great ideas and energy. I will definitely recommend your services to others and I will be in touch when we are ready to progress our plans.

Julie Keating,

I had a short term trial of putting my house on Short Term Rental with Airbnb, which was mildly successful, so decided I'd like to explore the possibility of doing this with my home full time. After hearing about Anita from Raspberry Doors from a friend, I started to stalk her Instagram and really liked her style. Then, knowing of Anita's background in Finance and her winning Instant Hotel on Seven, I knew that Anita was the perfect person to bring in to consult on my home. I wanted to know what I would need to do to make the home successful on Airbnb which is becoming increasingly competitive, but wanted this to be balanced with the money invested to achieve this, while also adding to the value of the property.

Libby Byrars,

In Touch.


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What makes you different to other interior designers?

I have a unique skill and experience base, covering financial management and analysis, budgeting, project management, photography, real estate and interior design. I have bought and managed a number of small developments with my builder husband and have a lot ofexperience in the practicalities of the building and construction industry. Overriding all of this, my passion for creating beautiful interiors is what makes me jump out of bed with excitement in the morning, ready to share my creativity and inspirations with my lovely clients!

What areas do you service?

Raspberry Doors is based in Brisbane, Queensland and works with clients between the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Using my e-design services, I can assist with your interior design needs if you are outside the Greater Brisbane area.

What do we talk about in the Discovery Call?

This is a great opportunity to see if we’re aligned and are a good fit, and for you to sound me out and decide if you’d like to book a consult, or proceed to a full service proposal. You will have submitted a completed questionnaire prior to the Discovery Call, and I will dig deeper into your responses and requirements with you.

What happens after the Discovery Call?

If you have decided you want to work with me, then you can book an in-home consultation (Greater Brisbane area), or proceed to request an e-Design Service.

What do I get during an In-home Consultation?
  • You’ll get up to 90 minutes at your home to discuss any spaces as you’d like (a travel fee may apply for consultations 30km outside Brisbane CBD)
  • This consultation is all about you, so ask me anything you’d like, I’m there for you to pick my brains.
  • I will write up my notes when I’m back in my office, and email them to you for easy reference.
  • If you’re thinking about a Full Service design proposal, then I will also take photos so that I can continue to think about your project, what you’re looking for, and the best options for you.
How do I prepare for the In-home Consultation to Maximize Results?
  • Prepare some “Inspiration Images” to review with Anita during your consultation to help define your design style and vision for the space.
  • Understand how much time, energy and money you think you’d like to invest into this project so that Anita can determine the best options for you that meet your expectations.
  • Be prepared to have fun with the process, Anita will turn up with lots of ideas and energy, so be prepared to get excited about transforming your space.
How is the design fee calculated?

I work on an hourly rate and use our agreed scope to estimate the design fee. This is not a fixed fee but rather represents a realistic estimate of hours that should be allowed for based on the Scope of Works. I don’t sugar coat the amount of effort involved, and want to ensure that we set a budget that allows us to meet your expectations. I have lot of renovation and building experience and ensure that the likely realities of the process are factored in.

Every effort will be made to deliver the project in less time, however this is a creative process and sometimes a few iterations are required to find solutions to all design challenges and deliver the full potential of the space. The amount of time the project ultimately takes depends on many things, including how involved and decisive you as the client will be.

My hourly design is $100.

What is E-design?

E-design is my on-line decorating services makes my style accessible to everyone. If you want to do it yourself, fully armed with a detailed design plan that guarantees your success, this service is for you. You’ll get:

a. A design board showing all the furniture and décor selected to deliver your stylish space

b. A floor plan showing a birds eye view of how the furniture will fit into your space

c. A shopping list giving you the detail of all the items selected for your space

d. Detailed instructions on how to set up the space to achieve the design vision

I loved the consultation, Anita is a great fit for me. IF I’d like a Full Service proposal, What information do I need to have ready to share with you?

In order to prepare a full service proposal, I’ll need to know:

  • The scope of your project
  • Your expectations for the project
  • How do you want your new home/space to feel
  • How much do you want to invest in this project
I love your interior design and I’d love to bring you in on a new build or renovation, but don’t quite know where to start?

A high level outline of the process and how I work in with other consultants is:

  • Engage architect to develop concept plans (for a new build)
  • The architect will determine other consultants required to be brought into the project eg. town planner and surveyor
  • While the architectural plans are being agreed, we can commence the interior design process, including internal joinery (kitchen and bathrooms) and fit out
  • Once architectural plans are approved by you, then the architect will prepare construction drawings to obtain Building Approval prior to construction
  • The architect will provide the working drawings to enable the project to be constructed
  • The interior design schedules will document all finishes and products selected and be provided to the builder to put together the construction plan (and ensure selected items are procured to meet the construction timelines).