In with the old ….. and the new! Our inner-City Brisbane Development

So we’re off. Step one in a multi-staged project to renovate two original pre-1945 cottages that must be retained due to the fact that we’re in a character-overlay area, and build four terrace-style townhouses, which will all will be four bedroom and three bathroom residences.

A LOT of planning, design, documentation, and budgeting has gone into this project so far.

Join on us on Instagram to check out our progress. I promise these won’t be your typical beige, cookie-cutter developer houses. There will be the wow factors you expect from Raspberry Doors, high-end finishes, colours and patterns, and each house will be uniquely different.




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How we got here, with these houses – on this land, is explained on the Projects page, but for where we’re going and our design vision, stay tuned!

Here is an overly simplified version of our project staging, based on development conditions:

  1. Move and raise the houses. This requires the site to be levelled and some bulk earthworks (foundations for piers, etc)
  2. Civil works, draining, and electrical distribution
  3. Concrete slabs
  4. Frame under the houses
  5. Apply for subdivision. The houses will both be freehold, and the townhouses will be on a separate duplex titles
  6. Complete newly renovated Queenslander houses
  7. Commence build of townhouses
  8. Stage, style and sell



















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