Designing Queenslander Reno #5

As I mentioned recently, both of these extensions will tap into the unique character features of the original houses.


With a similar internal layout to House 1, but some differences in the facade, we are trying to pin down the history of House 2. We’re pretty certain it is also pre-1920, so stay tuned on that one!


The facade of House 2 differs to that of House 1 next door. It has a hip roof with a full front verandah extending under the eaves and screened with lattice. It is a DA condition that the house frontage retains the lattice feature on the verandah. Paired posts frame the centre of the verandah, and the front central steps run symmetrically up to the entry.  It has sash windows, but most of the internal features are the same as next door.

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The front door, with breezeway above, opens to a central passageway with arches, that runs through the centre of the four-room core. This house used the two front rooms as bedrooms with rear dining/living room. It has a very similar extension to next door, again adding a small kitchen and bathroom to the back of the house.


Like next door, we will make this a comfortable and modern family home by adding ducted air conditioning, but we’ll follow the heritage in the house, which was perfectly designed to circulate air in the hot Queensland climate. We’ll add more louvre windows and retain and add heritage breezeways and fretwork. We’ll keep the existing character, whilst bringing the home into the current century.


The plan is the same as next door, but the colour scheme will be different. Where next door will be modern and bright, this house will be modern and elegant. The feature colour will be a serene deep blue, with modern gold accents for a luxurious feel. I feel like the future inhabitants of this house will be an older couple; maybe down sizers after a contemporary low-maintenance home, with a classy space to entertain in and rooms and bathrooms for children and guests to stay over.


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