I am Anita Bocquee and together with my partner Terry Brouwers, we are the team behind the Raspberry Doors design and renovation service.

Terry is a builder with 30 years’ experience.

I am a finance and project manager with 20 years’ experience, and a qualified interior designer. I stage, style and photograph property and am also a fully licensed real-estate agent.

We are passionate about renovating Queenslanders.

Together, we’ve worked on family dream homes and for-profit investments.

We design for creative impact, functionality, and profit.

My design style is relaxed and comfortable, with accents of colour and pattern.

My finance and project-management style is detailed and holistic, with attention to the impacts of the full property cycle on your renovation project.

Terry’s approach to the build and renovation is meticulous and skilled.

Our unique fusion of skills is perfect for those astute and discerning people who are looking for a fully managed design and renovation service for their Queenslander home.


  • Brisbane, Australia
  • anita@raspberrydoors.com.au
  • 0457 887 444